Graduation Day

The Jedis sat grandly in the great hall in their robes, cloaks and mortar board hats to watch their Padawans graduate.

The Oath was taken for the first time by the Padawans and also reaffirmed by their teachers.

The forces of privatisation and the looming attacks against their dominion – the NHS -were alluded to within the final speech.

Would the new medical warriors have learnt enough to now not only fight against disease and injury but also against other evil forces at play that would directly or indirectly harm their patients?

Only time will tell – but the wise ones knew their prodigies were stepping into an uncertain future and an unclear path. One that many may fall from before the journey is done. And there is no shame in that, indeed their bravery for embarking on this mission will be revered. But amongst the harvest, there just may be the one promised in whom the Force is strong that will survive the battle against the dark plans of Darth Hunt and his Empress and win in the noble quest to safeguard healthcare free at the point of delivery for all.

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