Hooray for Saturday

It felt good to not have to wake to the alarm and rush to the train station, joining the commute to work. I can’t believe how tired I am but I think most of that is post-adrenalin come down.

I’m looking at the rota planning ahead. I’ve got my first set of long days next week which means that after 5pm I will carry the bleep for the other acute medical wards. I will have five of them in a row. It’s my week and I’m going to have to just crack on. I suppose the bonus is, I will learn fast!

My leave has been decided for me – I don’t get to choose it. None of us do. I suppose if something urgent came up, I could ask for a swap but that looks like it could prove to be a bit of a pain. We are all assigned ‘lines’ in the rota and trying to mix up the said lines results in all sorts of rota clashes.

It’s just so nice to be out in the summer in the fresh air. The summertime buzz helps makes me forget for awhile the strange position I am in. I have a much anticipated, sought after job and yet I am anxious, on edge and nervous. It’s good to be amongst people looking so well and healthy.

I never realised weekends went so fast. It’s Saturday night now and then tomorrow this time, I’ll be trying to sleep for the early rise to get to my hospital again. And back onto the ward. It will be day one of the late on-calls. I won’t be home before 11 pm for the whole week and then early up the next day. So a 8am start and a 10pm finish. Going to be slightly slaughtered I think.



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